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About Us

What a journey that ultimately brought us here.

This day and age the world is getting pretty saavy about our food, our environment etc.  Not so when we were young, but there comes a time in your life when you decide you need to do everything we can to stay vital and active for as long as we can.

Our journey has taken us from trying to eat healthier, then trying to eat even healthier, growing our own organic food, growing hydroponically and aeroponically, studying and using bio-identical hormones and finally thinking about what we put on our skin.

When we got to looking at skin products that we were using we were astounded at what we had been using and all the chemicals we were using!

These chemicals were many times suspected or outright known to cause cancer and other maladies sometimes fatal.  That brings us to our soap making. 

After beginning to make our own soap we found that very, very few people knew that they weren't even buying soap at the store or that they were buying a petroleum based detergent.  Some products even said that they were moisturizing when they had these petroleum based detergents that are sking drying.  Nice way for commercially produced body cleaning to sell their other lotions that have the glycerin in them that they removed from the soap!  What a racket!

So we decided to make soap for our family, our friends and those of you out there that we don't even know and educate everyone we can about the benefits of handmade soap and other products. 

We love to think that everyone who purchases our products are doing a bit better by using our products.  We have plans to add more products in the future.

Let the rest of the Journey continue and we hope you come along with us as we feel you will be healthier and happier because of it.


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