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Why, Oh Why, did I start working this hard to make a different product than what people can easliy buy at the local store or Walmart?

Actually the answer is not that simple.  

     Having had difficulty as a young person taking the vitamins my mother shoved down my throat every morning of my life which promptly exited my body within about 30 minutes, I thought I was allergic to vitamins!  At least that was my opinion when I was 17 yrs old in the 1970's.  About 9 yrs later a fluke incident where I impulsively drank a swig of geritol when feeling somewhat lack luster (I think I was actually hung over that time in my 20's).  I didn't get ill from it which began a life of research about why that time was different and what is good for me.  I began reading Earl Mindell's vitamin Bible and found a whole lot of information about vitamins and what they do and why those synthetic vitamins never agreed with me.

     From there I found the vitamin at age 26 that I still use today in my 60's!  That experience led me to find and research so much more about my health and well being.  Later, as I aged and as things got whonky in the food industry, I began figuring out that much of what was being sold was not good for me.  

 One day a young lady I knew asked me to come to her home for dinner and watch her and her roommate make soap.

    I watched and was somewhat wary of the whole lye thing, so being the researcher I am, I went promptly to the internet and began understanding the chemical change that leaves no lye in soap when it is finished processing.  Then. of course, I began seeing information on why the handmade soap was better and found a host of information about the commercial products and why they were not good for me.

     After finding out that commercial products were NOT SOAP, I abandoned the chemicals in commercial products.  They used petroleum cleansers to make their products clean and they used Sodium Laurel Sulfates to make them lather and wax to make them hard.  If you've ever been out of shampoo and washed your hair with one of these you definitely know about the last ingredient.

     I could not see just making for myself since my conscience could not allow everyone to just keep using products that might in the future cause them disease or illness.  

     So, I started learning to make soap and other products- Trust me if I was incredibly wealthy I would give the products away free of charge just to have people use handmade products, but alas, I'm not so I have to sell the products.

     But you are still the winner!  You can purchase these with utmost confidence.  I won't sell you something that I won't use my self and I'm extremely picky!

Don't forget to buy some lotion!- You're going to love it and it took me 6 months to get this formula just the way I want it.

Until next time and more on our Journey- 



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